New Novel Alert!

Hey, my horror novel, THE DIM, is out! Be sure to pick up a copy on Amazon. Link on my book page! And sign up for my email newsletter on the right side of this page to win some free signed copies of THE DIM and other upcoming books! Be sure to leave a review, too, so we can keep our ranking up on Amazon. Writers need all the support they can get and I so appreciate yours!!!

Into the new year and beyond!

Wow, it’s March already, and so much going on, despite my insisting I’d slow down this year! Getting ready to release an adult horror novel, THE DIM, written with Denise A. Agnew, and a paranormal thriller/romance, FREAK. Both will be coming within the next two months in ebook and print formats. Keep checking here for deets and be sure to sign up for my email newsletter, on the right side of this home page, for more info!

In non-fiction, I have a book called THE AFTERLIFE coming in June…excited about this comprehensive look at life after death and all that encompasses. I am phasing out of non-fiction quite a bit to focus on novels and screenplays!

Next on the docket is a huge ongoing multi-pov series called A. More on that to come. Again sign up for my email newsletter as news will unfold there first!

New eBook Series

I am doing a line of eBooks, short in size, called SCENARIO: WHAT IF? that look at various natural and manmade disasters. These digital books will cover the science behind the disasters, as well as speculation as to what a real-life “scenario” might look like, along with survival and disaster response and preparedness information.
Here is the link to the Amazon Series page!

A Little Life Update

My little Chihuahua Maya passed away recently and it was so sudden and unexpected. It was such a shock and I miss her a lot. She was my constant companion. I am working lately on a lot of very serious articles for New Dawn Magazine, and getting ready to start my next non-fiction book, which is a manual all about happiness, including the science behind it. I am also putting together a line of eBooks about surviving natural and manmade disasters as a series. I am calling it “Scenario: What If?’ and the first four will be on Amazon in a week or so. Summer is here and it’s hot and sunny in San Diego. Trying to get outside and get some Vitamin D when I can, but writing is always calling me! Please sign up for my email newsletter on this page because I am always giving away free books. Maybe I’ll give away some of my mugs from my ETSY shop, too. It’s called ATTITUDENALS and features fun and awesome gifts. More to come!!! Stay happy and healthy!