May 2020 Update!

Hey, everyone! Hope all is going well in your Covid-19 world and that you are staying healthy and safe. I’ve been busier than ever! My next book, “Earth Magic,” releases in May, followed by “The New Witch” later in the fall. The publishing world is doing well in terms of eBooks, but print books are slipping in sales, as expected when everyone is under quarantine. I encourage you to visit your local bookstores as soon as they are open again, and if they have websites, purchase from them to keep them alive and well! I am currently writing books on the history of propaganda, the toxins in our food and air and water, a natural health manual, and the history of the Freemasons. That’s a lot of research! Doing some radio, too, which I post links to on my social media since it’s all pre-recorded nowadays and the release dates change. I’m really excited about having taped a cool podcast for the Mysteries Decoded CW television show on the subjects of mind control and the Montauk Project!  In addition, I am signing a contract forthcoming for a romantic comedy holiday movie that will be shot as soon as television and film production gets going again. As lazy and tired as this whole virus thing has me feeling, and I KNOW a lot of you can relate, I gotta keep working. Shout-out to the real “essential” workers out there kicking butt…they are our heroes and I pray they all stay safe.  More to come…STAY HEALTHY!

Marie’s Films Coming 2020!

Marie will be writing and co-producing a new short film, and two feature films, a science fiction and a thriller to be scheduled for sometime in 2020 and 2021. Independent films allow writers to see their work on the screen and engage in the process of production, which is a whole different world from sitting at a computer. Her current short film KINGS BOULEVARD is making the festival circuit, and her adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, GRADUATION AFTERNOON will soon be hitting festivals around the country. More to come…

Check out Marie’s line of products, FROM CRAPPY TO HAPPY! Great gifts for all occasions!

Check out Marie’s line of products, FROM CRAPPY TO HAPPY Great gifts for all occasions!


I had so much fun creating my Attitudenals journals, I decided to create some fun coffee mugs people can buy for themselves or give as gifts. They’re affordable and ship direct from the USA, so you have plenty of time to order before the holiday season. I’ll be adding new and more complex designs and other products soon! Link Coming Soon!

MY NEXT BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON FOR PREORDER! See this blog for info on “Earth Magic”

Unearth the power of Earth magic! It is all around us: in backyards, out in nature, and even kitchens. You just need to know how to see it. It’s finding the well-being drawn from the energies of the earth and the universe. It’s the herbs and plants, symbols and talismans, candles, stones, gems, and crystals, and their special powers and meanings, spells, potions, and animal and spirit guides. Learn how the laws of the universe and the forces of science can allow you to achieve your desires and intentions by aligning unseen energy. Find the wisdom in the stars and planets above and the earth below. Healing through herbs. Spells to find your soul mate. Stones to improve concentration and increase productivity. The potion for happiness. The secrets of the stars. Discover these and much more in Earth Magic: Your Complete Guide to Natural Spells, Potions, Plants, Herbs, Witchcraft, and More. It will guide you through the rites, practices, and traditions people use to connect themselves to the planet, spirits, and energies. Earth Magic brings the balance and harmony to modern life through the inherent magic found in nature. With more than 120 photos and graphics, this tome is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness.
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