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Three novels in progress. One script done and being pitched out. Another cooking…No slowing down. But if you want more details, please subscribe to my email newsletter for early news, cover reveals, and freebies! Thanks for always being so supportive, too!


Dive into the World of Endless Stories with Novelo! Discover new and exciting stories to read and experience storytelling like never before on Novelo. You can use my link below to sign up and read some of my own material or that of hundreds of other writers with new material uploaded daily…OR…try posting some of […]

New Movie Releases

My thriller movie, SECRETS BENEATH THE FLOORBOARDS, written with Denise A. Agnew premiered on LMN – LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK – on October 5th! It will air all month as part of Shocktober and then on and off throughout the year! And…my romantic comedy, MISTLETOE CONNECTION, written with Dianna Ippolito, will air on UP TV on […]

It’s Been A Minute or Two

Haven’t posted in a bit. It’s strange because I feel like I just did, but time has a way of messing with your brain cells. Been busy editing WOMEN ON THE FRINGE, which will be a compilation of stories and interviews with several dozen amazing women in all fields of the paranormal, and the unknown […]