My Attitudenals Are Back!

Hey guys and gals, my Attitudenals are back! I have five new fun “journals with attitude” right here on the Attitudenals page, or click on the logo to be sent there. There are book covers with links to the journals on These are fun and simple daily journals for yourself or for others and make the perfect gift!  I have so much fun designing these whil working on the more serious stuff I write. In other news, I just turned in my new non-fiction book, “Propaganda, Disinformation, and You” for Visible Ink Press, and I have two new books out this year including “Earth Magic” and “The New Witch.” Up next is another big one…all about toxins in our food, air, water, products, which means tons of research…and then a natural health manual to keep you healthy during these tough times that will release next year. I also sold a romantic comedy movie to a big production company that hopes to get it into production as soon as the virus restrictions allow! Hmmmmm, and I am editing my upcoming horror novel, “13,” which will be released by Vesuvian Books next year. Trying to stay busy and productive during this time of isolation, and hoping everyone out there is staying healthy and sane! Please follow me on social media for more updates! Links are on this page. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!