May 2020 Update!

Hey, everyone! Hope all is going well in your Covid-19 world and that you are staying healthy and safe. I’ve been busier than ever! My next book, “Earth Magic,” releases in May, followed by “The New Witch” later in the fall. The publishing world is doing well in terms of eBooks, but print books are slipping in sales, as expected when everyone is under quarantine. I encourage you to visit your local bookstores as soon as they are open again, and if they have websites, purchase from them to keep them alive and well! I am currently writing books on the history of propaganda, the toxins in our food and air and water, a natural health manual, and the history of the Freemasons. That’s a lot of research! Doing some radio, too, which I post links to on my social media since it’s all pre-recorded nowadays and the release dates change. I’m really excited about having taped a cool podcast for the Mysteries Decoded CW television show on the subjects of mind control and the Montauk Project!  In addition, I am signing a contract forthcoming for a romantic comedy holiday movie that will be shot as soon as television and film production gets going again. As lazy and tired as this whole virus thing has me feeling, and I KNOW a lot of you can relate, I gotta keep working. Shout-out to the real “essential” workers out there kicking butt…they are our heroes and I pray they all stay safe.  More to come…STAY HEALTHY!