Another One Down…

I love those words, because to me they mean that I finished and turned in another book, this time “VIRAL MYTHOLOGY” with Larry Flaxman. It’s off to New Page Books and will be on shelves in January of 2014. But…there is a strange depression that follows the completion of any book, no matter how hard it was to research and write. You feel like a huge weight is off your shoulders, to be sure, but you also realize that what you were immersed in for the last several months has now come to an end and it’s time to breathe before immersing yourself into something new. That is a scary time…contemplating the next big project. But deadlines call and publishers await and soon, another one will be down.

The Grid of Reality

This October, Hierophant Publishing will release “THE GRID: EXPLORING THE HIDDEN INFRASTRUCTURE OF REALITY” written with my co-author Larry Flaxman.

The book explores the possibility of multiple realities all interconnected, like a three-dimensional Grid, with various connectors and mechanisms by which we can access and experience those realities. It’s a very conceptual book that is the culmination of years of research and deep discussion. Look for a great pre-order promotion coming in September for “THE GRID” and news of a fictional book series that will accompany this release!