I am now working with a TV/Film agent pitching ideas to both television/cable and motion picture companies. I love pitching ideas, but it is a waiting game and you MUST have thick skin!  I have a new non-fiction book coming out in January for Lisa Hagan Books, called “IDEs – InterDimensional Entities,” with Larry Flaxman. This book will explore the science, myth and legend of IDEs and IDOs, interdimensional OBJECTS. It’s spooky stuff! I also signed to do a book next year for Visible Ink Press about the history of the devil, dark angels and demons! That will be a non-fiction book as well. As for fiction, EKHO BOOK 2 should be out in early spring, FREAK as well, and BLACK MARIAH will be around summer of 2016 and is an ‘event’ release. I am busy, excited and on fire for the future and I thank EVERYONE who is supporting me, helping me and keeping me sane, especially Erika Hunt, my new PR assistant!!!!!