MIND WARS set for early 2015 release!

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New Novel Deal!!!

Just got contracts in for my third fiction series, GRIDWALKERS, written with my co-author Larry Flaxman! The tentative release date is Feb. 2015! This is a NEW ADULT novel that features some of the science and theory we’ve written about in a number of our non-fiction books, including “THE GRID: EXPLORING THE HIDDEN INFRASTRUCTURE OF REALITY,” and is what we like to call “science FACTion.” Look for more details soon!

ParanoiaCon SAN DIEGO

I will be speaking at the 2nd Annual PARANOIACON in San Diego, California on August 2 – 3, 2014. I will be discussing Viral Mythology and the spread of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and rumor!

Monster Mania

How much fun…writing a monster movie. Always been a huge fan of Godzilla and “Destroy All Monsters” and “Rodan” and even the newer “Cloverfield.” A good monster movie plays upon all our fears, and when done right, can provide chills and entertainment, and maybe even a glimpse into how people handle fear and challenge. I mean, come on, if you looked out your picture window one day and saw a huge monster stomping on houses across the way, what would YOU do? Well, MY monster movie has a real twist to that scenario! Stay tuned!