“The Grid”

What is reality?

Countless sages, scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders have asked that question. Yet we still know little, if anything at all, about the true nature of reality. But perhaps there have been clues available to this great mystery all along, right in front of us, hidden in plain sight. Clues that suggest an actual structure, or infrastructure, that is mirrored in the laws of science, spoken of in the holiest of religious texts, and evident in the construct of our own bodies, brains and minds.   “The Grid” envisions the infrastructure of reality as a grid-like edifice, with doors and windows that allow for traveling between levels of reality, including unseen levels that we normally have little or no access to…unless we find the door…the window…the stairwell. The elevators that connect the levels of “The Grid.”

“The Grid” is a theory that combines decades of research and inquiry into a concept that brings internal and physiological influences together with external and environmental forces to attempt to piece together the infrastructure of reality, and our place within that infrastructure. From how our minds and bodies work, including brain chemicals, hormones, blood types, behavior, consciousness, belief and perception –  to exterior laws of nature and our environment, resonance and vibration, parallel universes, alternate dimensions, the Zero Point Field, string theory, wormholes and dark matter, this theory takes every individual piece of the puzzle and presents a potential complete “bigger picture” of both the natural and the supernatural, the normal and the paranormal, the hidden and the unhidden. The reality we can see and those realities we cannot.

Come and explore the levels of “The Grid.”