A New Direction!

Comic Con is in town, and always reminds me of my first love, writing fiction and screenplays. I love the epic nature of the event, which celebrates storytelling in every format and genre, from comic books to graphic novels to movies to television series and all points in between! My writing career seems to be taking a new turn, or maybe a turn-around, back to more fiction and film/TV writing. For the last 12 years, I’ve focused mainly on non-fiction and built up a huge body of work that I am very proud of. Even as I plan to continue to put out quality non-fiction books on subjects that I am passionate about, most of my time will now be spent pitching ideas for television series (episodic, fictional) based upon my existing books, as well as my up-and-coming novels. I am also having my screenplays pitched to production companies. Right now, television is the most powerful and influential method for telling great stories. Think THE WALKING DEAD, BREAKING BAD, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, THE LAST SHIP, FALLING SKIES, TRUE BLOOD, NCIS, GAME OF THRONES, STRAIN, 12 MONKEYS…whether they are one hour episode dramas that last for five or six seasons, or special one season “event” 13-episode series, I love this new attention to the smaller screen and the constant need for original material is a boon for writers like me, who have a million ideas! I love coming up with ideas and have a wonderful TV rep, along with my literary manager, pitching me to production companies and networks. Fingers and toes crossed as I venture back into the storytelling waters from whence I came!!!