As 2014 comes to a close, I am excited to be facing a BIG line-up of projects for 2015:

BLACK MARIAH – a sci fi/conspiracy thriller about a chemical attack on a rural town that heralds the eradication of the human species. This will be told in nine “waves,” or installments, three waves per book, and will be in digital and print. Published by True North Publishing and due to begin the extermination process in spring of 2015!

FREAK – my YA paranormal thriller, coming sometime in early 2015 from Open Road Media. The plot is top secret!

EKHO 2: REVELATIONS – my middle grade series written with my son, Max. Book Two of the double trilogy kicks up the action as the EKHO kids discover that not all bullies are entirely human! Open Road Media is the publisher, due out summer of 2015.

GRIDWALKERS – a sci fi “faction” novel based upon actual research and scientific fact and theory presented in my book, “THE GRID: EXPLORING THE HIDDEN INFRASTRUCTURE OF REALITY” written with Larry Flaxman. Larry and I will write GRIDWALKERS as an “illustrated novel.” Published by True North Publishing in late 2015.

“BUG: The War Against the World’s Smallest Terrorists” – a non-fiction examination of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and what we face in the near future. To be published in late 2015 by Motivational Press.

Projects in progress/being pitched:
PROJEKT S.H.R.E.D. – a graphic novel to be illustrated by the amazing artist, Michael David Ward. Michael approached me to write this awe-inspiring project and I am so honored!
SIX – a non-fiction look at the potential extinction event scenarios including a fictional “what if” portrayal of what might actually happen.
SHAPESHIFTER STONE – a modern day fantasy about a zookeeper who finds a magical amulet that brings his animal wards to human form.
AORATOS – a sci fi monster movie written with Larry Flaxman based upon our years of research into alternate realities, EMF and vibrational frequencies.

And we will see whatever else pops up! Gonna be a busy, crazy year, but that’s the way I write best!