Optioning For Development

In my quest to move more into writing and producing for film and TV, I’m about to option my first of several properties for development. I’m so excited and will share the details soon!


I am now working with a TV/Film agent pitching ideas to both television/cable and motion picture companies. I love pitching ideas, but it is a waiting game and you MUST have thick skin!  I have a new non-fiction book coming out in January for Lisa Hagan Books, called “IDEs – InterDimensional Entities,” with Larry Flaxman. This book will explore the science, myth and legend of IDEs and IDOs, interdimensional OBJECTS. It’s spooky stuff! I also signed to do a book next year for Visible Ink Press about the history of the devil, dark angels and demons! That will be a non-fiction book as well. As for fiction, EKHO BOOK 2 should be out in early spring, FREAK as well, and BLACK MARIAH will be around summer of 2016 and is an ‘event’ release. I am busy, excited and on fire for the future and I thank EVERYONE who is supporting me, helping me and keeping me sane, especially Erika Hunt, my new PR assistant!!!!!